Body Corporate committees often require impartial advice on a range of property related matters, especially during remediation and refurbishment works when a broad range of specialist consultants can be required. Understanding this process can be difficult, particularly if none of the committee members have construction or project management experience.

Having supported numerous Body Corporate clients through the remediation process, our team can explain the key stages in easily understood terms and act as a conduit between the committee and the specialist consultants. Our clients then benefit from our expertise and having just a single point of contact for all construction related matters whilst we liaise directly with the consultants regarding all time, cost, quality, health and safety and environmental aspects of the project. We can also support the committee in drafting regular updates to keep unit owners abreast of progress and any key issues.


Each Body Corporate must have a Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP) setting out the maintenance requirements for their property for at least the next 10 years to comply with the Unit Titles Act 2010. A LTMP also helps the creation of a sinking fund ensuring appropriate levies are raised in advance to meet the forecast maintenance expenditure.

We can undertake a detailed survey of your building and ancillary areas and develop a LTMP in accordance with the Act; providing easy to read, practical advice on the future maintenance liabilities. We also welcome any opportunity to and attend Committee meetings to guide the committee members through our LTMP’s to ensure they understand the scope of works required and the potential risks if the plan isn’t followed. If required, we can also help procure and project manage any repair or maintenance works identified in the plan.


Using experience gained throughout the 90’s and 00's, providing strategic asset management advice to state housing providers (Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Registered Social Landlords, Arm’s Length Management Organisations etc.) in the UK, and having worked on numerous projects nationwide for Housing New Zealand, our team can support Community Housing providers with strategic asset management advice from “cradle to grave”. Examples of our services include:

  • Undertaking design reviews of proposed developments.
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce future maintenance liabilities and improve safety through design.
  • Undertaking independent quality control inspections during the construction phase.
  • Undertaking independent inspection, investigation and reporting on defects or maintenance issues reported by tenants.
  • Undertaking condition surveys and reporting on scope and timeframes for any repair or maintenance works identified.
  • Leading the design, specification and consenting (if required) of maintenance and / or repair works.
  • Project managing the procurement of contractors to carry out the works required.


The property needs of schools are constantly evolving to accommodate changes in pedagogy, roll, legislation and the changing priorities of Boards of Trustees (BOT). We have a wealth of experience working both for the Ministry of Education and for schools / BOT.s directly. Examples of our services include:

  • Undertaking condition assessments and entering the survey findings to the Ministry’s WebFM database.
  • Developing 10 Year Maintenance Plans demonstrating how schools will spend their 5YA funding over the current and following cycles.
  • Project managing the design, specification, consenting (if required), procurement and delivery of maintenance, refurbishment or new construction works.
  • Undertaking weather-tightness design peer reviews on behalf of the Ministry for new build and significant refurbishment works.


Acting with independence and impartiality from all of the property industry agents, we provide professional services to both landlords and tenants to help them maximise their gains and / or minimise their liabilities from their property assets. Examples of our services include:

  • Premises Condition Reports.
  • Schedules of condition to record any pre-existing damage to protect parties against damage potentially caused during adjacent or nearby construction work.
  • Reviewing leases for tenants to ensure they are on top of their maintenance liabilities.
  • Procurement and project management of make good / reinstatement works.


We service clients nationwide from our North Shore office at G01/25 Bute Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0630.
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