We can investigate defects in all types of property. Depending on the clients’ requirements, we typically use both non-intrusive and intrusive investigation tools to determine the cause and effect of the defect. Our reports explain technically complex issues in layman’s terms to help our clients understand how the defects have occurred and what the scope of repairs is likely to involve. Our reports are then used by architects, engineers and lawyers to help them understand the cause and extent of the problems to be addressed when designing repair solutions or advising on potential litigation strategies (see below).

We can also assist builders undertaking weathertightness remediation work by identifying and marking-up decayed timber which requires replacement in accordance with Building Consent Authority / Territorial Authority requirements.


We can assist insurance companies and property owners in providing impartial expert advice relating to property-related insurance claims to determine the likely causes of the damage due to insured events; lack of maintenance; defective construction; or poor workmanship.


Following on from the Building Pathology / Weathertightness investigation, we can act as an independent and objective expert witness in building related disputes for both plaintiffs and respondents. We can assist your legal representatives by clarifying the link between defects (the cause) and damage (the effect) and help determine parties that are potentially liable. Alternatively, we can assist in defending inaccurate claims that are made against defendant parties to a claim.

Our Building Surveyors have acted in a number of jurisdictions including expert conferences, mediations, Judicial Settlement Conferences, Weathertight Homes Tribunal and High Court proceedings.


We have a methodical approach to our project management services and advocate pro-active risk management from the start of all projects. We have developed simple and effective reporting tools to help our clients keep abreast of the key issues, such as, progress (achieved / planned), costs, design, quality and risks.

As independent project managers we can act impartially from the design team and hold them to account for their progress, asking the pertinent questions as and when they arise. We can also identify potentially incomplete scopes of services and/or programmes to assist in a no surprises solution.

We can provide the duties of Engineer to the Contract for the construction phase of your project. This ensures independent execution of the contract with no bias to the contract parties or the consultant team. The duties include certifying progress payments, issuing variation orders and facilitating completion of the project and the management of defects during the liability period.


Planned maintenance, also referred to as scheduled maintenance or preventive maintenance. This is a proactive strategy where maintenance and inspections of buildings are scheduled at regular intervals to ensure that they are performing as required so as to minimise disruption and expenditure. We can undertake a condition assessment of a building to:

  • Advise when major repairs are likely
  • Identify future likely expenditure
  • Maximise the life expectancy of components by scheduling maintenance


We can provide schedules of condition of premises at lease commencement, part way through a lease or at the end. However, when no such schedule is prepared there is still an obligation on a Lessee (and Landlord) at lease termination. A schedule will identify repairs, make good or maintenance obligations that the tenant (or landlord) may have under the terms of their lease. Often this is needed at the end of a lease, at least. Such specialist reports can advise a Lessee or Landlord of potential dilapidation liabilities and cost estimates; and/or aid in understanding or minimising financial exposure during a lease, when considering lease renewal or, more typically, at lease termination.


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